How it Works

A Real Energy Alternative

Don’t have the money to buy a solar system? Missed out on government subsidies? You don’t need either – an every rooftop solar lease is completely tailored to your needs and can reduce your energy bills from day one. How good does this sound?

Sign up with every rooftop

Request a quote so you can speak with our local experts to see if solar leasing is right for you or if another solar solution will work for your household.

Expert Consultation

If you request a quote, an expert from Green Cross Australia’s solar partner Ingenero will call you to do a quick energy usage review with you and provide you with a quote for your perfect solar power system. Businesses wanting to go solar will also receive an in-depth solar feasibility study.

Evaluating your situation

Our consultant will work with you to see if your property is suitable for solar. Using satellite images they evaluate the physical aspects of your property – roof type, shading, orientation and available space.

Establishing your goals

Our consultants will explore your recent energy bills and energy consumption patterns (are you at home during the day? What appliances do you use and when?) to tailor a solution that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Maximising the solar bang for your buck

Our consultant will also offer advice on how you can maximise the use of your solar energy to get the highest return on your investment possible.

Solar Connected

After you sign up, Ingenero will organise everything from the design of your system to installation, maintenance, warranties and insurance.


You’ll make a monthly lease payment to have that system on your roof for between 10 and 15 years. Time flies when you’re saving money!


Your household will still be connected to the grid so you can still draw electricity at night or on rainy days, but when the sun is shining – you’re saving money! You will continue to get a bill from your energy retailer, however the power produced from your solar system will offset your daytime electricity usage, thus substantially reducing your total power bill.